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Au Pairs bring many wonderful recipes from their home countries to share with Host Families and children. And, they also learn to cook local delights. The following recipe is a New Mexico adaptation of scrambled eggs, adding broccoli and cheese and served with fresh sliced peaches and sour cream.

Even young children can help with this dish—beating the eggs and dropping the broccoli and cheese into the pan!

NM Scrambled Eggs

What You Will Need

12” stove-top skillet

3 large eggs

1 cup broccoli

¼ cup white cheese, shredded or finely cut, with or without chile bits

½ cup sliced fresh peaches

Sour cream to taste, with or without chile bits

Garnish: Natural red chile potato chips

Heat the skillet to medium. Melt a pat of butter. Beat the eggs and pour into the skillet. Drop pieces of broccoli into the mixture. When the eggs are almost cooked, add the cheese. Fold and continue to cook, until the cheese is melted.

Present the dish by arranging the sliced peaches and sour cream. Add the eggs and broccoli. Garnish with red chile chips. Serve with juice or natural soda for children, or hot or iced tea for adults. This recipe serves two hungry children or one hungry adult.

Because chile is so popular in New Mexico, this dish has 3 items that contain either red or green chile: the cheese, the sour cream, and the chips.

Sabroso! Al Ataque! (Tasty! Go to it!)  


Contains: Eggs (protein, amino acids); Fruit (vitamins, antioxidants); Sour Cream (dairy); Red Chile Chips (carbohydrates).

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Summer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Between 2005 and 2009, the Department of State provided a short-term program generally called the Summer Au Pair Program. An au pair who worked under this program was known as an Au Pair Summer, or a Summer Au Pair.

Practical problems arose with the summer Form DS-2019 and the summer J-1 Visa.  Although summer au pairs were the same as standard au pairs, their visas were only valid for the summer months.

The summer au pair program is no longer available due to the paperwork problems it caused. Paperwork for all au pairs is now issued annually.

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Vincent's Bedroom in Arles

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Choosing and furnishing the Au pair Room (keyed variously online as  Au Pair Room, Aupair Room, or Aupairroom) can seem daunting for new Host Families, but it is really quite simple. The Aupair Room can be any room that has a door for privacy, and that is not used for another purpose in the house.

For example, a room that is also used as a den does not qualify as an Aupair Room—nor does a vestibule through which people walk, or a room that is also used for laundry. The room must “belong” to the au pair.

The room may be very simple. A good rule is to think about the normal amenities you would provide to a guest in your home. These basic needs are the responsibility of the Host Family. Special needs are the responsibility of the au pair.

“What kind of room would you want, if you were an au pair?”

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