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Babe Ruth played the majority of his career in...

(Babe Ruth: Wikipedia, Public Domain)

The State of Maryland has many noteworthy “sons and daughters” in the field of athletics.

In 2004, Michael Phelps won eight swimming medals in a single Olympic Game—collecting six gold and two bronze.  Since 1870, the Preakness Stakes (second event in the Triple Crown of horse racing) has been hosted at Pimlico (see http://www.baberuthmuseum.org/pagebank/index.html?id=176 ).

However, nothing quite compares with Baltimore’s privilege to have been the birthplace of Babe Ruth, a major baseball icon who continues to attract children of all ages.

Au Pairs from around the world may not have experienced the American passion for baseball. In many countries of the world, soccer is “King”—but in America, the longest-standing and deepest passion is arguably still baseball.

The Babe Ruth Museum in Baltimore provides unique in-depth history. A very special exhibit in that Museum is the home where Babe was born.

In 1895 Baltimore’s harbor area was a rough place. George Herman Ruth, the son of a German saloon keeper, was born in this tiny row house on Emory Street (http://baberuthmuseum.org/pagebank/index.html?id=245 ).

Batter Up!

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Earlier this evening, Au Pair Sis (Go Au Pair’s online au pair presence) posted the following photograph on Facebook.

au pair sis


Attitude is one of the biggest good things we can do for ourselves and others–and it doesn’t cost a penny!


(Retrieved from https://www.facebook.com/goaupair )

Awesome thought!!!

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Ignatius Loyola

Ignatius Loyola (Photo credit: Wikipedia, Public Domain)

Baltimore has the distinction of hosting Loyola University,  a historic college founded in 1852 by the Jesuits. This rigorous religious order is known for an approach called cura personalis, which translates approximately as “care for the whole person.” Thus, the undergraduate strength of Loyola University is its liberal arts curriculum, based on a worldwide academic approach with which many international au pairs may already be familiar.

“Loyola has been included in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine 2009 list of Best Values in Private Universities as well as being ranked in the top 10 in the North region for U.S. News’s ‘Great Schools, Great Prices.’” (http://www.loyola.edu/about.aspx ).

Baltimore just might be a perfect choice for an academically-oriented au pair.

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First Berlitz Language School in Providence, R...

First Berlitz Language School in Providence, Rhode Island 1878  (Photo credit: Wikipedia, Public Domain)

Go Au Pair’s presence in Austin, TX is exciting—and linked to growth opportunities for both Host Families and au pairs.

One educational opportunity for au pairs is the Berlitz Language Center. Berlitz specializes in Global Leadership Training, to allow individuals from multiple cultures to prepare for international career  assignments—and fit in like a native. A variety of instructional methods–private, group, and web-based–are available. Remember that for au pairs to receive education credits, instruction must be in-person.

Berlitz adult programs may be appropriate for au pairs who wish to increase their English language skills. The Berlitz Kids and Teens program may become an adventure for the entire family.

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English: Red Pinterest logo

English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia, Public Domain)

Go Au Pair ‘s Au Pair Sis can help.

Au pair Sis is a major resource for both au pairs and Host Families in the United States. Her videos pinned at Pinterest start with the process of matching and continue through details like filing taxes and traveling internationally, maybe to Canada?

Need to know something specific about your program year? Want to understand the au pair program before you sign up? Just curious?

She’s also on Google. “Be here. Be happy.”

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Flag of the city of Atlanta, Georgia

Flag of the city of Atlanta, Georgia (Photo credit: Wikipedia, Public Domain)

One of the links from the Go Au Pair blog for Atlanta, Georgia (a beautiful natural area, by the way) is to the Children’s Museum of Atlanta.

Younger children will enjoy a visit to this site. If you mouse over the heading, the girl and boy hiding behind the banner pull back and then come back out to smile at visitors. The website is designed interactively and in bright colors, with dropdown menus, a movie, and a box to sign up for the email newsletter. Lots of au pair ideas here!

While the activities on the museum page will easily capture the interest of younger Host Children, older children who are beginning to develop an interest in social networking on the internet (and their Host Moms and Dads who want to learn more about social networking and supervise their interest) may enjoy the link below to Engauge.com, the author of this website.

The Insights page (and other pages) at engauge.com offer a variety of high quality networking directions  that can be adapted for older Host Children.

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English dialects

English dialects (Photo credit: Wikipedia, Public Domain)

The main page for Go Au Pair on December 6, 2012 contains the following paragraph in the featured blog article “Au Pairs: The childcare choice with no boundaries.”

Not only does Go Au Pair require all of their applicants to take personality tests to help Host Families determine who will be their best fit, but they also search for Au Pairs who have excellent English speaking abilities. In last year’s Au Pair ClearingHouse Awards, Go Au Pair was the only agency to receive an “Excellent” score in the area of “English Skills.”  Go Au Pair ranked in the 90th percentile, and as a result received the “Host Parent’s Blue Ribbon Pick.”

A major cause of breakdown in U.S. families with au pairs is a lack of English skills.


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A page from Loughridge's Dictionary

A page from Loughridge’s Dictionary (Photo credit: Wikipedia, Public Domain)

au pair

[oh pair] noun

 1. a person, usually a young foreign visitor, employed to take care of children, do housework, etc., in exchange for room and board: We sent the children to the beach with the au pair.

After World War II the changing social and economic factors in Europe, especially women’s emancipation, led to a need for inexpensive live-in childcare, where the caregiver is treated like a member of the family.European au pairs are part-time caregivers, and usually part-time students. In the U.S., au pairs may work full-time in addition to their schooling. Au pair means “equal.”

Go Au Pair is a designated provider of au pairs from many countries around the world who come to live and study in the U.S.

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English: Maria Moline, instructor, coaches her...

Zumba, Stuttgart. (Photo credit: Wikipedia, Public Domain)

Au Pair Sis is an awesome woman! Her page of au pair exercises on Pinterest leaves one tired and energized at the same time–tired enough to sleep tonight (we all need that!), and energized knowing that a month of steady attendance from home at these workouts will banish that fatigue for good.

What are my favorites? Yoga poses give relief for the cold and flu season—a must for any household with small children. Tanandtoned.tumblr.com has run/walk progressions (and more) for those who don’t have a gym nearby. And, of course, Zumba.

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English: Aspen Lumber Company Building, built ...

Aspen Lumber Company Building, built circa 1882. (Photo credit: Wikipedia, Public Domain)

Views to die for! Schussing down a slope of white powder, and watching your Host Children learn to walk on skis. Enjoying art, ballet, and film. These and more activities in Aspen, Colorado are highlighted on GoAuPair’s blog for Aspen, Colorado.

Colorado is one of the most beautiful areas of the United States. Ongoing events are showcased at the main website for Aspen/Snowmass. In the summer, biking replaces snow sports.

There are many rewarding reasons to become an au pair, but the amenities at Aspen, Colorado add a whole new dimension to the experience.

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