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The prevalence of childhood asthma in the Unit...

(Childhood Asthma, Wikipedia, Public Domain)

Sloan Barrett (2008), in her book Green Goes With Everything, discusses the potential value of using less chemically processed products in the home—especially in caring for a child or baby. For those cultural au pairs and Host Families who prefer a less toxic lifestyle, due to allergies or simple preference, Barrett offers a wide variety of information.

Barrett’s choice of green and nontoxic lifestyle came as a result of an emergency that occurred with her son. When Spencer was three years old, he began to cough. Then his heart began to race wildly. Emergency room doctors responded with strong drugs and a stay in the intensive care unit. Spencer had developed reactive asthma.

As she researched, Barrett learned that asthma is epidemic in the United States. Ashtma has increased 160 per cent in children under 5 since 1980, and some epidemiological studies believe cleaning products are involved (p. 2). Children and babies are more vulnerable because they are smaller, and their immune systems are growing.

Barrett’s book is one of a variety of such titles on the market presently, but it is clearly written, logically organized, and supported. Barrett’s provides a wide variety of credible government and additional references and resources.


Barrett, S. (2008). Green goes with everything: Simple steps to a healthier life and a cleaner planet. NY: Atria.

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