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GoAuPair has done it this time! Au Pair Sis is online—a companion, a friend, and a counselor for cultural au pairs.

Au Pair Sis Logo

Have a question about the Au Pair program? Need tips to improve your experience with your Host Family? Want some advice on how to adjust to a new culture? Ask the Au Pair Sis!

Au Pair Sis does it all: Blog, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook—and videos, like these on fitness.

Check out the Au Pair Sis for daily activities to make the cultural au pair lifestyle a totally new experience!

Let the party begin!

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Map of Virginia highlighting Arlington County

Map of Virginia highlighting Arlington County (Photo credit: Wikipedia, Public Domain)

The GoAuPair blog for Arlington, VA contains an excellent introductory summary of the au pair experience, for prospective Host Families:

“Au Pairs are pre-screened international young adults with child care experience who provide full time, live-in child care and introduce a memorable cultural experience at an affordable cost.”

The conclusion of the same paragraph summarizes the supportive role of GoAuPair:

“As an Au Pair agency, Go Au Pair is dedicated to helping families in the Arlington area choose an Au Pair that fits their specific family needs.”

In the Newsroom link, there is a story about Gloria Grabois, a twenty-year LAR for GoAuPair. Gloria answers questions about how she helps provide “a memorable cultural experience” that fits “specific family needs.” Her response? “Communication, communication, communication.”

GoAuPair has a reputation for professionalism, and tries to provide caring, supportive LARs. Gloria is only one long-term LAR for GoAuPair.

Nice job!

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Moose in yard in Anchorage, Alaska

Moose in yard in Anchorage, Alaska (Photo credit: Wikipedia, Public Domain)

The exquisite scenery of Alaska forms the backdrop for this cluster of cultural au pairs. Despite the short summers and the long, snowy winters these young adults lead an active, and obviously happy, lifestyle.

This GoAuPair blog site features a static front page with links above that lead to Au Pair Activities, comments from local au pairs, and a very nicely presented slideshow. The linked GoAuPair Host Family Blog is also worth checking out.

Alaska like Texas does things in a big way. The au pair activity for July was a two-day camping and rafting trip in the Matanuska Valley. The activity for September is a musical presentation.

The energy and abundant life in this cluster of au pairsdemonstrate why GoAuPair is a good choice

for your family’s childcare needs.

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English: Recreation of the flag of the city of...

Flag of the city of Allentown Pennsylvania (Photo credit: Wikipedia, public domain)

Each local area representative (LAR) for Go Au Pair has a unique personality that shows in the content of his/her blog. The Go Au Pair Allentown blog is a model of practical information that begins at the top with a navigation bar leading to the Newsroom (topics of current interest, including reports and pictures of Family Days), U.S. Department of State Regulations (required to be followed by all cultural au pairs and Host Families) and U.S. locations where GoAuPair is active.

Two especially interesting videos are embedded in the Newsroom page. The first video features a local television discussion among Erin Mortensen (LAR for Utah), a host mom, and a Go Au Pair cultural au pair. The second video is a discussion with Go Au Pair’s International Director, Meghan Ramirez, regarding the benefits to families and au pairs alike who participate in the cultural au pair program.

Awards won by Go Au Pair, are also show-cased interactively.

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Albuquerque, Afonso de images

(Afonso de Albuquerque, encyclopedia.com, Public Domain)

One special aspect of the cultural au pair program is the social support it offers to participants. Each cultural au pair cluster meets regularly for participants to get to know each other, and to network successes and difficulties.

However, there is another level to cultural au pair “culture.” GoAuPair’s focus on technology provides a network of blogs in each area where GoAuPair is a presence. The first of these blogs to be discussed is local to Albuquerque, NM. The author is Gail Hanscom, LAR.

Topics of specific au pair interest on the Albuquerque blog include  DOS regulations, childcare information, and tips regarding life in a foreign country. Additional topics relate to New Mexico food, history, culture, and lifestyle.

Next week’s post in this series will introduce the GoAuPair blog in Allentown, PA.

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