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Diagram of the Albuquerque Box Effect when con...

Albuquerque Box Effect (Photo: Wikipedia, Public Domain)

The 41st Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta ends this weekend, October 14, 2012. In a way it is a signature event for cultural au pairs and Host Families. Many exhibitors come from the same countries that provide U.S. Department of State au pairs.

In 1972 the Balloon Fiesta consisted of 13 balloons in a parking lot; this year there were over 800 balloons aloft in the Albuquerque “box.” The “box” is the area west of the Sandia Mountains and above the Albuquerque and Rio Grande valley. Conditions are often perfect there for ballooning, and local residents become accustomed to colorful balloons above their homes and parks.

Crowds come early to the Fiesta, arriving in the dark to sample hot coffee and burritos while they watch the colorful envelopes inflate. Mass ascensions are scheduled in the mornings, beginning about 7 a.m. Balloon glows, which originated as a Christmas celebration by local ballooners, are scheduled in the evenings about 7 p.m. Balloon glows, which include the ever-fascinating special shapes, are held at the Balloon Fiesta grounds on Alameda, north of the City of Albuquerque.

For a concluding tour of this year’s Fiesta, please enjoy the following links.

Special Shapes Gallery: http://www.balloonfiesta.com/pilots-and-crew/special-shapes-directory

Balloon Glow: http://www.balloonfiesta.com/event-info/balloon-glow-2

Mass Ascensions: http://www.balloonfiesta.com/event-info/mass-ascension

Professional Photo Galleries: http://www.balloonfiesta.com/event-info/photo-galleries


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Sprechen sie Deutsch? Habla espanol? Parlez-vous francais?

Seal of the United States Department of State.

Seal of the United States Department of State (Photo: Wikipedia, Public Domain)

Around the world, children learn the languages and customs to which they are exposed. In Europe, it is considered a sign of a good education to be able to speak and understand several languages. In all major world countries, school children learn English as the modern language of international business and culture.

In the United States, we have long been culturally and linguistically isolated from the rest of the world. As global economy becomes a greater and greater influence for our children, it is hard to justify such isolation. Indeed, it becomes a disadvantage for our children.

GoAuPair provides cultural au pairs from countries around the world, including China, Australia/New Zealand, Germany, France, Peru, Mexico, and many others. Each cultural au pair has already learned to speak and understand English, and some are very fluent. Each cultural au pair also brings with him/her a wealth of knowledge of world culture that can help our children grow in appreciation of other people.

The Department of State wants young people from foreign countries to come to appreciate what is good about the United States. They equally want young Americans to develop an appreciation of what is good about the world around them. Cultural au pairs provide an important link in this education. Living with their host families 24/7 naturally encourages a positive exchange of values and knowledge.

To view presently available cultural au pairs, please visit GoAuPair.

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English: Recreation of the flag of the city of...

Flag of the city of Allentown Pennsylvania (Photo credit: Wikipedia, public domain)

Each local area representative (LAR) for Go Au Pair has a unique personality that shows in the content of his/her blog. The Go Au Pair Allentown blog is a model of practical information that begins at the top with a navigation bar leading to the Newsroom (topics of current interest, including reports and pictures of Family Days), U.S. Department of State Regulations (required to be followed by all cultural au pairs and Host Families) and U.S. locations where GoAuPair is active.

Two especially interesting videos are embedded in the Newsroom page. The first video features a local television discussion among Erin Mortensen (LAR for Utah), a host mom, and a Go Au Pair cultural au pair. The second video is a discussion with Go Au Pair’s International Director, Meghan Ramirez, regarding the benefits to families and au pairs alike who participate in the cultural au pair program.

Awards won by Go Au Pair, are also show-cased interactively.

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