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Babe Ruth played the majority of his career in...

(Babe Ruth: Wikipedia, Public Domain)

The State of Maryland has many noteworthy “sons and daughters” in the field of athletics.

In 2004, Michael Phelps won eight swimming medals in a single Olympic Game—collecting six gold and two bronze.  Since 1870, the Preakness Stakes (second event in the Triple Crown of horse racing) has been hosted at Pimlico (see http://www.baberuthmuseum.org/pagebank/index.html?id=176 ).

However, nothing quite compares with Baltimore’s privilege to have been the birthplace of Babe Ruth, a major baseball icon who continues to attract children of all ages.

Au Pairs from around the world may not have experienced the American passion for baseball. In many countries of the world, soccer is “King”—but in America, the longest-standing and deepest passion is arguably still baseball.

The Babe Ruth Museum in Baltimore provides unique in-depth history. A very special exhibit in that Museum is the home where Babe was born.

In 1895 Baltimore’s harbor area was a rough place. George Herman Ruth, the son of a German saloon keeper, was born in this tiny row house on Emory Street (http://baberuthmuseum.org/pagebank/index.html?id=245 ).

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