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(Cranes, Wiki, Public Domain)

In winter, Canada geese have long gone south and are no longer visible along the Rio Grande corridor that marks the almost-western border of the Albuquerque, New Mexico metro-plex. However, cranes have taken their place.

As the earth is plowed and turned to rest before the start of the busy growing season later this month, it is a common sight to see small flocks of migrant birds resting on the soil, as they quietly seek out last fall’s remaining seed in the soft dirt.

For au pairs in the Albuquerque area, the Rio Grande corridor is a journey into nature—and into history. The beautiful horse farms that border this road are back away from the road, behind agricultural fields in which birds rest. Many homes are adobe, and date from the middle of the past century or earlier.

Los Poblanos  (famous for their lavender fields in summer) draws international visitors to their farm. Near the Old Town end of the Rio Grande corridor are shops and restaurants with a local flavor, and Old Town Plaza itself is a world class tourist area.


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English: Rio Grande in Albuquerque, NM(Photo credit: Wikipedia, Public Domain)

A wonderful thing has been happening in the publishing industry for the past few years—the publication of free magazines and newsletters of very high quality that are targeted for specific audiences. Rio Grande Family is a free magazine for New Mexico families (including families with au pairs) that has recently won the 2012 editorial and design competition award for the Parenting Media Association.

The December 2012 edition of RGF (Volume 2 Number 11) contains information on area events, and a variety of departments (“Facts & Fun,” “Family Health,” “Great Reads,” and others) that are keyed to active involved families with children.

The website for Rio Grande Family is www.RioGrandeFamily.com .

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