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Flag of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Image created...

(Photo Credit: Wikipedia, Public Domain)

Albuquerque is a semi-desert area–with lots of sandy soil, cactus, and a humidity factor that plummets during most of the year. Temperatures make extreme changes when the climate is dry, rising and falling as much as 50 degrees between day and night.

Host children (and Host Families) in New Mexico may enjoy learning about these changes at a site designed especially to teach children about deserts.

The example given is the Sahara Desert, where summer temperatures exceed 100 degrees during the day and drop to 50 degrees or less at night. Albuquerque isn’t as extreme as the Sahara, but it still requires an understanding of how to dress in layers and how to keep hydrated.

Au pairs with native skills in desert and semi-desert lifestyles (and those who develop these skills in caring for their New Mexico adopted families) will recognize Albuquerque weather on this website.

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